Principal’s desk

Elby Richard Masombuka


16 April 2021

Let me start by welcoming everyone to our brand new and exciting site, hope and wishing for fruitful engagements in paving a great future of our children.

I am pleased and humbled to be given this platform to be the voice of this great institution with huge reputation. The saj competency training institution has become a brand, a brand which one can assign as a measure of quality and competency. Word “Brand” is used in everyday speeches to reflect preference and established association.

To all students: Welcome to The saj Competency Training Institute as your second home. Acclimatise yourselves with our institution and its facilities which it has to offer. Make sure you have a date with your books because after all that is one of the reasons why you here. Always learn to be responsible as this is one of the phases where you become independent and stand for your own grounds.

Be a role player, make a mark that you were one of those students who made an effort to outshine the others. To those who did not make it last trimester there is still a second chance which awaits you and it needs your attention.

To all staff: Let’s roll up our sleeves, sharpen our markers and wipers for the lessons to be taught. Let us go an extra mile in producing the best results and assets that companies can employ in the near future.

Our Motto

Working together we can achieve the future

It is imperative that we also keep in mind that all we aim to achieve is only possible if we have the following shared values:

Excellence – in all we do
Fairness – in all our dealings
Respect – towards one another
Trust – in one another
Integrity – in our ethical behavior