Artisan Training

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Toolmakers are artisans who are expected to work at a high level of precision, and to very small tolerances. They will make tools for metal pressings and also moulds for the plastic industry. They will make holding jigs for accurate machining of components. The tools they manufacture will either be from a tool designer drawing or from their own design. The tools designed and made by toolmakers are generally used for mass production. They are required at times to work on computerized machinery.

Fitter and Turner

Fitter and turner possess a combination of fitting and turning, they are skilled in operating machine tools, repairs, construct & assemble. They are also responsible for maintenance and manufacturing including interpreting engineering drawing blue print.


Fitter construct and assemble machinery. They are responsible for repairs, fit and maintenance including heavy lifting. Fitters thrive on physics, hands on work.


Millwright consists of both electrical and mechanical (dual trade), they are tasked with ensuring the proper function of machinery. Millwright is responsible for keeping creation of maintenance plan, fixing equipment, repairs and replacing defective parts.


The saj provides electricians with knowledge and skills in order to perform tasks safely in different industries such as hand tools and power tools. We also provides candidate with fundamental of electricity, identification and correct use of electrical components and testing, understanding of symbols, design and wiring of circuits, basic on PLC and soft start including fault finding on it. We further provide cable termination, joining and glanding.


Boilermakers are proficient in interpreting drawings, assembling and fabrication of steel and welding. The competent artisan will be able to possess various skills such as the ability to work with variety of power tools , hand tools and variety of machines including the cutting torch and measuring equipment.


The competent welder uses given information to cut or to join metal using different types of welding such arc welding ,gas welding ,aluminium,Co2 and Tig welding on various of metal sizes and material types such as aluminium and carbon steel. That include the setting of machines choosing the electrode and wires and setting of oxy-acetylene torch.

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It is with great moment for me to welcome all in the name of our motto which says ‘’developing people all the way’’. I am pleased to speak that many of our learners who left our institution with flying heights now hold senior positions in several reputable organization. They have succeeded in many ways, and I am sure that all current learners will achieve the same peak of success.

To all learners: I warmly welcome all of you to our technical training institution and assure you that we will do everything likely to make available the best training resources, practical approach and training methods so it can shape your life and career in a challenging world.

At our institution, we believe in inspiration minds, improving  intellectual abilities, and building characters that our learners will realize value throughout their lives. We are distinguished by the fact that out training institute makes every effort to identify and appreciate emerging talents.

 To all staff: Let us work together to make sure our institution is always recognized and rated as the best in the whole country.